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    We Are Dinah Shore

    We Are Dinah Shore

    Our First Dinah Shore event was super fun, we are glad to have met all of you!




    I am what I am.

    I am what I am.

    Embracing Who We Are.. This is our story #beafitiawia

    I workout intensely so I am always looking for a clothing line provides me good support in my everyday activities. Fitness to me is an everyday motion like waking up brushing your teeth. I want to be "An Inspiration" to the community being involved in the arts of music, dance, & acting. I am what I am, wearing Beafit permits me the action to represent the brand and myself.

    I am AI-@aiyaheard


    It has been 6 years since I have been into Bodybuilding/Powerlifting. It has connected to my work life as well.  I am now a trainer and a Fitness instructor. I am proud to inspire and empower our community.  Wearing Beafit sets me in a great light to wear our own tomboy/or you can say lgbt active wear so I can wear something that fits me and is for me as well.

    I am Jess-@kiiilemwithkindness

    "When I was younger, I would record music videos and recite the dance moves as a way to stay physically active. Living a healthier lifestyle has given me the ability to express myself through dance and feel what it is like to BE EMPOWERED ALWAYS."

    I am Brianna-@a_new_feel



    I have started Crossfit for about 2 years challenging myself physically and  emotionally daily. Wearing Beafit brand while running I feel the fleece doesn't cling to me the  material gives me confidence in the fit for my body. I am proud to have found Beafit which has a positive message, it has a purpose for my positive fitness lifestyle.

    I am what I am-@tmchu31