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        Be Empowered Always™


    Here at BeaFit, we understand you. How is this possible?


    Our mission is not about image or size. It’s about empowering people to feel confident in their fitness dreams. 


    We’ve started with what we know: fashion sportswear for tomboys. Our journey to bring active fashion in the right fit, colors, style and comfort for everyone is just beginning.


    Working out. Living out. Stepping out. With BeaFit, you can feel empowered all the time because we stand for only one thing – and that’s you.




    Our high-quality performance fitness fabric is made from 4-Way Stretch, Moisture Wicking, and Lycra Spandex Mesh. Also, features a Slip-side pocket and Tagless label with a very soft feel on the skin and moves perfectly with the body.


    Our Vision

    To build a supportive LGBT community through fitness and promote an active lifestyle.




    Meet the Team

     BEA- CEO



    I used to be 200 pounds. I had no energy and I didn’t feel comfortable. 

    So I made a change. I lost about 50 pounds. Now I work out everyday. I’ve fallen in love with bodybuilding and hiking. I lead a fit, healthy life. 

    Since I began this lifestyle change, I noticed a problem with fitness fashion: too few choices for tomboys. Everything was too girly, too short, or too pink.

    I started BeaFit to give tomboys and members of the LGBT community something to wear that makes us feel like ourselves. 

    My hope is that the BeaFit will bring tomboy fashion into the fitness world and help people on their journey to health and happiness.

     That’s my story. I hope I can help inspire yours. 


    Bea Orteza  

      Dominique-Brand Ambassador



     Brianna-Promoting / Brand Ambassador



    “I believe in BEAFIT And support The brand 100% using my platform in social media marketing to build and help spread awareness to the community about being empowered always, loving yourself, and making positive changes mentally and physically no matter your shape/size even if you’re just starting out on your fitness journey! Which is why I chose to be comfortable in the skin I’m in and start my journey in BEAFIT comfortable fitness wear as a reminder of how far I’ve come and where I’m going.